Coin Introduction

EXM Machina Coin

EXM(Ex Machina Coin) is a crypto currency created on the basis of a deep learning system (the system technology that computer systems learn and develop on their own). The current crypto currency has revolutionized modern society,
but it has many disadvantages. The first purpose of crypto coin is to not issue or distribute money in any government or organization.
However, most of the crypto coin that is made nowadays is designed to be manipulated and controlled by any individual
or group, and unfortunately many crypto currency cause ponzi fraud.

It is eventually controlled by humans and used for bad purposes. EXM is designed to make it possible for a computer system to control and operate the issuance and distribution of crypto currencies according to market conditions, making it impossible to manipulate these people.
EXM is convinced that it is the ideal crypto currency that only a computer system, not a human being, can operate and control.